Free For All happens every Sunday 4pm – 6pm @ Sawtooth ARI | 58 Lindsay St, Invermay TAS


Together – Music making for All Ages. A workshop for families.

Sawtooth Gallery 58 Lindsay Street, Launceston, TAS

Facilitated by Di Nailon and Suzanne Turner this is an Adapted Free for All for Children (including the very young) and Parents to facilitate musical sound making. Explore the music stations that have been set up and then we will make some music together.

World’s Smallest Improvised Music Festival with Karlin Love and Tasmanian Leather Orchestra Lite

Tasdance 197 Wellington Street, Launceston, TAS

Karlin Love and the Tasmanian Leather Orchestra Lite will fill the resonant TasDance Studio with musical conversations, songs and dances using Garry Greenwood's exquisite sculptural leather instruments. Improvising is how all our leather music begins, so we think it's a perfect fit for the festival. But it's even better! There will be dance and live drawing. You don't want to miss this one.

World’s Smallest Improvised Music Festival – Free for All

Sawtooth ARI 58 Lindsay Street, Invermay, TAS

This will be The Best Free For All ever! The final musical event for the World’s Smallest Improvised Music Festival.
Make some music with other attendees - be the audience or a performer - your choice.

Free for All | First Set Performers | Tasmanian Leather Orchestra Bowhorn Section

Sawtooth ARI 58 Lindsay Street, Invermay, TAS

If you loved them OR you missed them at the recent World’s Smallest Improvised Music Festival held in Launceston this is your chance to see Garry Greenwood’s “BOWHORNS” . Karlin Love and Suzanne Turner will bowhorn for you, maybe we can round up some other leather instruments. There may be some improvised clarinet playing too!

Free For All | First Set Performer | Mystery Guest

Sawtooth ARI 58 Lindsay Street, Invermay, TAS

This performer is a Free for All regular, but a little bit shy! We know who he is and look forward to his return to the First Set performance space. A passionate musician and supporter of arts and creativity in Launceston… come along and enjoy the music he creates for us.