Fromage A Trois

An initiative that started from LIMA, Fromage A Trois is Tasmania’s first ever troupe that improvises whole Musical Theatre Shows!

You can hear our backstory and some of our work in this podcast by the Seedling team at City Park Radio (broadcast in Novembr 2021 – 57min) Listen Here Seedling – Fromage A Trois

We currently consist of the following performers:

Dr. Cameron Hindrum – enjoys eating cornflakes in the evening and not walking in the rain. He has shamelessly been exposing young people to literature for over twenty-five years–I mean, the nerve of some people.Occasionally he attempts to create literature himself, but that’s an improvised musical number for another day. Now, please: go away.

Dianne Nailon OAM – Di is a life-long educator, and wont let us forget about her Order of Australia medal. She even made us drink sparkling wine to celebrate! Di is just as likely to use the word epistemological as she is to break into a song about working in a supermarket, … or having cancer.

Dwayne Baraka – speaking of nerve, Dwayne started this whole thing only a few months after he commenced living in Launceston. Seriously, just because he did it in Washington DC doesn’t mean he cant start things in Tassie. Dwayne likes to sing and make stuff up.

Suzanne Turner – As a violin and clarinet player she has performed with many ensembles, most recently the  Launceston Philharmonic Orchestra, chamber ensemble “Camerata Obscura”, and quartet “Bits  of String”. She’s a lover of the art  form of musical improvisation and a passion for Community through the Arts.

Bruce Innocent

Fenella Edwards

Thomas Cross – Thomas is a Launceston based actor and musician with a love of musical theatre and performance. Thomas has been a part of Fromage A Trois since the very beginning and has enjoyed watching the troupe develop and grow into the family it is.

Ashley Eyles – Ashley is a Musical Theatre enthusiast with a passion for all types of performance who is always looking for new ways to grow her skills! She is an accomplished multi-disciplinary performer with skills in acting, dancing and a variety of singing styles.

Nathaniel Wood

Megan Casey

Coco Ford

Spike Mason